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Name: Colin May   Hometown: Scituate, MA
High School: Scituate High School   GPA: 3.5
Year: Junior       Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165   B/T: R/R
Main Position: 3B/Secondary: 2B    
Radar SS to 1B: 75-78   Radar SS to HP: 75-78
HS Coach: Craig Parkins    Contact Info: coachparkins5@gmail.com
HS Bat Avg: .275   HS RBI: 8
Player Highlights HS: Fileding %.746    
Summer Team: Team Mizuno USA 18U   Coach: Ryan McDermott
Contact: ryanwmcdermott2@gmail.com   Cell: 781-864-2324
Summer Bat Ave: .359   Sumemr RBI: 12
OBP: .458    


Player Description:

 A strong bodied athletic frame. Good athlete as he also plays football. Swing has good strength will need to work on freeing up hands, but the desired bat speed is here for him to have power in the future. Defensively gets good reads off the bat and is smooth with the glove. Throws have good life and carry to them out of the hand. A great running stride and ran a 7.15 60x. Overall a really good athlete that has talent to the play the game.


Colin was also the 2015 team MVP of the varsity football team. He was named to the all scholastic athlete and league all star teams. Colin has also started on the varsity baseball team since he was a freshman. Colin is aggressive on the base paths and hits for contact.