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Plymouth, MA
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Name: Curtis Bennett     Hometown: Plymouth, MA
High School: Plymouth North     GPA: 
Year: Junior     Height: 6'1'
Weight:      B/T: N/A
Main Position: Pitcher      
Radar Fastball: 80-83     Radar Off Speed: 67-71
HS Coach: Dwayne Follette     Contact Info: dfoll30@comcast.net
Summer Team: Team Mizuno USA     Coach: Juan Rivera Diaz/Ryan McDermott
Contact: jriveradiaz21@gmail.com     Cell: 603-508-7354
Player Highlights HS: Started on Varsity as a sophomore. 2-0 as a starter with an 0.89 era
Player Highlights Summer: 6-0 record      


Player Description:

Long levered LHP with a boney build and wide set shoulders. Good pitchers frame. Pitches only out of the stretch, delivery is on-line still learning to engage lower half better. ¾ arm slot with some whip to finish, comes slightly off line with arm swing out of the glove but finishes with nice extension out front. FB comes out of the hand well at 80-83 with short arm side tail. Can project a jump in velocity with added strength and small fixes to delivery. CB was 67-71 with slurve type shape, showed decent feel to land it. CHG was 75 with some dive action. Overall has solid feel to pitch with 3 pitches and is easy to project on with size and arm action.